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Kinesics Text Editor

The Kinesics Text Editor is a small, fast, efficient, portable text editor.

The design and size of the Kinesics Text Editor makes it ideal for:

  • Quick viewing and editing
  • It initializes much faster than development environments for quick viewing and editing of files.

  • Console based development
  • Some developers still prefer command line tools over integrated development environments.

  • Mobility
  • The Kinesics Text Editor requires no installation. It can be run across network shares or from removable media, without any system changes.

  • New Linux users
  • The Linux/Mac version provides some familiarity to Windows users as they configure and maintain non-Windows systems.

The Kinesics Text Editor has a robust feature set.

  • console and GUI versions
  • unlimited number of open files
  • unlimited file sizes
  • unlimited line counts
  • unlimited line lengths
  • unlimited undo/redo history
  • snappy performance even on older systems
  • fast program initialization
  • fast file loads
  • market standard keyboard interface
  • block and column editing
  • appendable clipboard
  • auto indenting
  • mouse support
  • keyboard macros
  • no installation
  • small executable size
  • consistent interface across all platforms
  • telnet compatible
  • Brief keystroke emulation
  • extensible file type configurability
  • search/replace
  • dialog based interface
  • menus
  • text file based configuration
  • unix line feed support
  • nonmodal file open and find/replace dialogs

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